Navigating the complexities of Washington, 9th Street Strategies, LLC is a boutique government relations firm committed to delivering results. 


With over a decade of experience on Capitol Hill and in government relations, we provide valuable insights into the legislative trends, regulatory shifts, and changing policy dynamics that empower clients to make informed decisions aligned with their goals. 

With thoughtful insight, clients can anticipate changes, adjust strategies, and effectively engage with stakeholders, ensuring their voice is heard and their interests are well-represented in the complex realm of Washington, D.C.


Strategy is the compass that guides firms through the evolving political landscape. At 9th Street Strategies, we work with our clients to craft well-structured strategies that allow our clients to set clear objectives, identify key stakeholders, and effectively allocate resources. 

A sound strategy is the linchpin that transforms goals into actionable steps, maximizes advocacy impact, and enables clients to navigate challenges while capitalizing on opportunities with intent. 


Advocacy is the driving force behind impactful government relations, amplifying the voice of clients and influencing policy decisions. Through strategic advocacy efforts, 9th Street Strategies helps clients effectively communicate their positions, build coalitions, and mobilize support, resulting in a stronger Washington presence. 

Advocacy is the catalyst that transforms ideas into action, fostering collaboration and driving positive policy changes that shape industries and communities.

Ben Turner is a seasoned government relations expert with a proven track record of bridging the gap between public policy and business success. With over a decade of experience navigating complex regulatory landscapes, Ben has become a trusted resource to a diverse range of clients, Members of Congress, and their staff.

Ben is a veteran of Capitol Hill, having worked for multiple Members of the House Financial Services Committee, as well as an extensive history of working with a range of clients. Ben has experience beyond Washington through his work at a FinTech startup. 

His strategic counsel, policy analysis, and skillful stakeholder engagement consistently deliver results, driving positive change and fostering collaboration between industries and government entities. Ben's dedication to advocating for sound policies and his ability to turn challenges into opportunities have earned him a reputation as a leading figure in the field.